Warm Weather

Warm weather is here! And that means more time outside to ride. Noble Sports is having a group ride around West Mountain tonight at 6 p.m. Take advantage of the weather and join us for an exciting ride.

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Noble Ladies Team

One of the things I have learned over the past two months is that you will go farther with a good support team.  Noble Sports is announcing the new women’s cycling club. Have you ever wanted to be part of a cycling team, but where intimidated by the competitive nature? Are you just looking to have some fun riding or are looking for some other gals to ride with? Look no further. Join the Noble Ladies team today! This is a great way to socialize with other ladies who like to ride.  This club will do more than just ride, we’ll socialize, learn more about general fitness and have a lot of fun.  Slow or fast? It doesn’t matter since the point of this team is just to make friends and get fit.  As part of the team you will be able to make lasting friendships as well as having loads of fun. Why sign up for a team? Here are the top ten reasons why:

  1. Learn the best bicycling routes in Utah County.
  2. Ride with people who generally know how to fix little and major mechanical problems.
  3. Make new friends with people who share your interests in cycling.
  4. Get amazing discounts at Noble Sports.
  5. Support bicycling as a lifetime sport not to mention a great way to get around.
  6. Improve your road cycling and/or mountain biking skills.
  7. Enjoy the fun and safety of riding with a group.
  8. Lose weight and stay fit.
  9. Have a chance to wear awesome Noble Sports apparel and gear.
  10. Hang out with healthy, active, and fun people. You don’t have to be a pro to join … just someone who wants to have fun and learn while riding.
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New Year, New Goal

January is almost over! And if you are wondering why the month long hiatus from blog posts, wonder no more. In the beginning of January, I was hospitalized for a Guillian Barre variant. That means I was partially paralyzed in my feet and I had marked weakness in my legs. I received intravenous immuonglobulin and the treatment worked. I was lucky I was only in the hospital for a week, and that it didn’t involve my respiratory system. So my New Year’s resolution of training hard for future triathlons was replaced with re-teaching my legs how to walk. I am now using crutches for balance support, but I am getting stronger each day. It won’t be long now before I am back training, but in the mean time I am learning what it means to treasure each step. The same determination that I have used in training for triathlons is being used in getting back to normal walking. The biggest lesson I have learned from this is that determination and a positive attitude can take you farther than any medicine a doctor can dish out — although proper treatment helps a lot. Stay tuned as I share with you how you too can be successful in your cycling, triathlon or even walking endeavors.

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Merry Christmas

Happy holidays to all my readers! So I have now officially tested out the shoes and I am loving them. I haven’t road tested them yet, but will update you as soon as I do. I tested them out on my trainer so I can build up muscle memory before hitting the real road. The two hours I have spent testing out my shoes has proved to me that the right pair really does make a difference in your cycling power.

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Picking the right shoe

The past couple of weeks I have been immersed in trying to find the perfect pair of cycling shoes. I poured over product descriptions. I picked my friends and co-workers brains. I was torn between a tri-specific shoe and a race cycling shoe. I went back and forth over versatility and what would give me the most power. The tri-shoe had its appeal with it being easy to pull on, but I still wasn’t feeling an attraction to the shoe. It needed to be just right. I’m sorry to say there were no sparks or fireworks with the tri-specific shoe. I quickly feel in love with the idea of getting a race road shoe. I decided on a carbon shoe that weighs 250 grams!! And there were fireworks happening when I slipped this lightweight shoe onto my foot. I haven’t worn them out of my bedroom yet as I am waiting on my pedals to arrive. But I sure do feel like Cinderella ready to take on whatever the road ahead has to offer.

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The Right Pair

I am ready to get rid of my training wheel caged pedals and move on up to the grown-up pedals. It is time to buy some clipless pedals and riding shoes. Finding the right shoes and pedals has turned into a daunting task. There are so many different brands and styles out there! I am in the process of talking to more seasoned riders as I try to find a shoe worthy enough to be my first pair. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks as I share my journey in choosing pedals and shoes with you. Any stories out there on what your experience with riding shoes has been?

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Post-Race Celebration

I did it! I completed my second triathlon and came in second in my age group. It was the first time I placed in any race. I was pretty excited to have placed, but more important finishing the race was a personal victory for me. This past year has been quite eventful with having heart problems, asthma and part of my thyroid removed due to a nodule.  For me, race day was a way to prove that I can do anything I set my mind to. I needed to prove that I was in charge of my body. My regards to my asthma and thyroid, but you two lose.

I promised detail of the race so here they are. The swim portion of the tri went smooth. I was able to have a lane to myself without having to fight for space. During transition 1, I didn’t bother to dry my feet so my socks were wet for the rest of the race. I totally rocked on the bike portion of the tri. Transition 2 was smooth (35 seconds). I hit some road blocks during the running portion. The first few minutes of the run was tough as I had jello legs along with all the other triathletes. I then made the mistake of grabbing some Gatorade. I had never drank Gatorade during any of my training runs so I had no idea that it would not agree with my stomach. It took a few minutes of slow running to get rid of the nauseated feeling.

Once I saw the finish line I knew that the victory was mine. I gave it all I had and sprinted to the end.  Five months post thyroid surgery I was able to swim 200 yards, bike 5 miles and run 1.5 miles. Race day was a celebration of how far I have truly came.

I challenge each of you to sign up for one race this year whether it be a 5k, a triathlon, a half-marathon or even a marathon. Training for a race is a great way to get in shape and to overcome any obstacle you have in your life. If I can do it so can you!

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